Best Online shopping websites to check before buying a gadget

Online shopping drive people crazy where you can purchase all kinds of gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, Mp3 players, televisions, cordless landlines etc. online these days, but it is important to have good market knowledge and select the best website that provides an affordable price for your gadget. The most popular websites regarding the concerned matter are eBay, Flipkart, SnapDeal, Amazon, InfiBeam and Tradus.

Gadget Prices on eBay

Gadgets of various brands can be availed from eBay ranging from a mobile charger costing $ 4(Rs. 200) to a CDMA mobile phone of $ 511(Rs. 25550). According to the newest pricing lists, you can even avail a mobile phone in return to $ 16(Rs. 800) having only the basic features. On the other hand, the highest range of pricing for a gadget is that of a branded headphone having all the latest features, pricing $ 3,610(Rs 1,80,500).

Price Check on Flipkart

You can get mobile phones from Flipkart with price ranges between $ 37(Rs 1850) and $ 700(Rs. 35,000). This website generally features cash back offers on a few specific gadgets. Like, a laptop having a price of $ 630(Rs 37,800) has got a cash back offer of $ 10(Rs. 500). Also, get computer components ranging from $ 5(Rs. 250) to $ 233(Rs. 11650). Even, get high range of mp3 players and home theater systems for up to 45% discount.

Big Deals on Snapdeal

The deals on Snapdeal regarding the gadgets include offers like buy a mobile and get another at the same price for free. Tablets, laptops, game consoles, printers, scanners audio or video systems, and other gadget accessories are available on Snapdeal. Usually with discounts from 1% up to 70% off, the prices range within standard rates according to different brands, models and features.

Checking out Amazon

You can save up to 50% from your budgets if you are going for amazon. The gadgets like sport watches, luxury watches and mobile phones are available in different models and brands. It is always impressive when you can save your money without compromising the quality.

Price Ranges on InfiBeam

The price ranges of the mobiles, tablets, cameras, game consoles and other gadget accessories on InfiBeam are recently reduced from the original market price. As an example, a branded mobile having latest features and costing $ 778(Rs. 38900) can now be availed in return of only $ 584(Rs. 29,200). Also, a $ 183(Rs 9150) costing camera is now available for $ 156(Rs. 7800). This reduction rate is one of the main reasons for the website being more attractive to the customers.

Pricing on Tradus

Tradus is another website where you can get mobiles, tablets, e-book readers and other gadget accessories at a much cheaper rate than the standard market price. A mobile of $ 356(Rs 17,800) can be availed at $ 238(Rs. 11,900) from Tradus. Also, you can get a GSM wireless video landline having a market price of $ 50(Rs. 2,500) which Tradus is providing you for $ 35(Rs. 1,750). Even, get up to 55% of discount on the tablets and the tablet accessories.


A healthy economic rate and a comfortable online payment process along with nominal shipping charges can make your online shopping experience regarding the gadgets memorable. With the best websites mentioned above, you can easily sort out your plans of buying gadgets and their accessories online as per your earnings and desired savings. This will enable consumers to transform themselves into better online shoppers.

Counter-Strike 1.6 Demo Player

Are you facing problems in playing the HLTV demos of counter-strike and looking for a good Demo player for this game which will work on XP and Vista.

Being a counter-strike geek, I love to watch cs demos just like you. But I get frustrated when I am not able to watch due to some error. So, I got some good HTLV demo players that will help you to watch demos smoothly and efficiently.

coL 1.6 Demo Player

It is the best demo player I have used and made by complexitygaming. With the demo player, you can play any demo of cs 1 to 1.6 in cs 1.6. You can also view events, player information, scores and player network statistics. You can also view Interp, rates, ping, updaterate etc of players.coL 1.6 Demo Player

You can also view the players steam ID through this. I recommend this demo player to every cs player.

You also need to have .NET framework installed in your computer in order to run the software.

Here is the link of the updated version of the demo player by Google:

Importing Google Nexus 4 In India – The easy way

It has been a while since I wrote a post. Recently I purchased Google Nexus 4 from US play store and many people asked me how I did so. We know Nexus 4 is not going to be released in India any time soon. Even if it is released, its price is going to be Rs. 30,000 above for the base 8GB model. There were estimates made by many online retailer of nexus 4 going to be launched in India in Jan 2k13, but they all came out to be wrong. Importing Nexus 4 infact any mobile phone from outside India is no big deal if you know the correct procedure. Follow these steps carefully and nexus 4 is going to be in your hand in no longer in 15 days.

1. Register on recommended shipping forwarding website

If you are unaware what package forwarding websites are, let me explain it to you. They receive the package on behalf of you in there warehouse and forward the shipment to India for a small fee. Google Play Store doesn’t ships to India and  that’s where the need of package forwarding website comes into play. When we register on the website, they provide us with US address which we use while making purchase at Google play store.

I used and found it to be absolutely amazing. They were really fast and customer support was excellent.

Register on You will receive a mail with address that you have to use while making the purchase in this format-

Sunny Gupta No. ‘Unique PPObox ID’ – ‘Unique package no.’
250 West 40th Street
8th Floor
New York, NY 10018
Tel: 212-398-0780

Here Unique PPObox ID that you will be allocated. To get unique package number, you will need to login into your PPObox dashboard and create new shipment. Enter details of your Nexus 4 there.PPObox New Shipment

Creating New Shipment to Get Package Unique ID before placing order at Google Play store.

2. Making order at Google play store

Google Play Store devices section cannot be accessed in India. You will need US ip to access playstore from India. I used Many free vpn are there, you could use any as per your wish.

Nexus 4 8GB | 16GB

Click Add to cart, make the purchase using the PPObox US address. As soon as payment is made, a mail will be sent to your email id saying your Order has been placed.

3. Paying Forwarding Website

As soon as your package is received at ppobox local hub, they will send you a invoice. It would be Rs. 400-600 for shipping and 7% of total value of phone for custom duties. After making ppobox payment, just sit and relax. You will receive the shipment at your door step in 2-3 days.

Note- Invoice generate by PPObox includes custom duty charges. You don’t have to pay a penny to courier boy who delivers package at your door for custom duties.

Some FAQs

Q. Do I need to create new gmail id to place order at Google play store?

Ans. No, you can use your existing email id to play the order.

Q. How much the total cost of Nexus 4 came out to be?

Ans. 16Gb version total cost will be around 24k-25k where as 8gb will be around 22k-23k

Q. How much time it takes for Nexus 4 to typically arrive in India?

Ans. It will be shipped in 2-4 days to US Address and in next 3-4 days to your door step. So its going to take anywhere about 5-8 Days (15 days being max).